Congratulations to Diane Cinq Mars !
Our colleague from the Board of Directors, 
who received an award at the Volunteer Action Gala in the city of Brossard.


important information for the autumn 2020 session

Our Activities Resume Safely !

The members of the Board of Directors and the teachers are pleased to announce the resumption of the activities of the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud (MARS) as of September 28th.

We confirm our intentions to follow the instructions issued by the Quebec Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and we will apply physical distancing and hygiene measures in the new MARS room.

ACCESS TO THE LOCAL: You must use (via the rear parking lot) the rear access to the Jardins Intérieurs residence (1705 avenue Victoria). Our school is directly to the right of the back entrance. So, park on the side to be closest to the classroom.

MASKS : As in all public places, it is mandatory to wear a mask when walking inside and outside the premises.

IDENTIFICATION AND SECURITY MEASURES : Each person must sign a register when entering and leaving the classroom. There will be a non-contact forehead thermometer and upon arrival each person will have to take their temperature and register it by identifying themselves. If a person is feverish, access to the classroom will be prohibited.

HAND HYGIENE : At the entrance there will be a disinfectant. Two sinks will be available. Each table / workspace will be equipped with a disinfectant liquid and absorbent paper.

CIRULATION INSIDE THE PREMISES : We will place the tables and chairs respecting the required physical distance. Avoid moving them.

CIRCULATION OUTSIDE THE PREMISES : It will be impossible for you to move around the residence. It is forbidden to come into contact with the building’s residents (instructions from the Residence Management).

DRINK AND FOOD : You will have access to the residence’s snack bar, which will be a novelty and located near the premises. However, we invite you to bring your own beverage and snack to reduce any travel outside the classroom. We ask you to avoid leaving food waste inside the classroom. Please bring home your leftovers !

We are subject to review our ways of doing things in the exceptional context we live in without depriving ourselves of the happiness of following our activities in complete safety.

It may seem like a lot to follow, but from the first lesson
it will quickly become our routine.

Welcome back !

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Michel Legault, president



MARS website:

1- If this is your first course registration in 

Go to the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud website to find out about :

  • The timetable (our course offering for the fall)
  • Course description content
  • The teacher

And complete your registration

  • online send the form accompanying the debit / credit payment


  • complete the form and mail it with payment by check dated the first week of class.

(the form is available on If you have already registered for a winter or spring course 

Go to the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud website to find out about :

  • The timetable (our course offer for the fall)
  • Course description content
  • The teacher

And complete your registration by applying the deduction (s) for courses not taken

(section below / examples in blue)

  • online send the form accompanying the debit / credit payment


  • complete the form and mail it with payment by check dated the first week of class

(the form is available on

EXAMPLES: For students registered or registered
for the winter and spring sessions:

Were you registered for the winter 2020 session?

  • If so, since not all of the courses have been completed, you will receive a credit for the missing courses when you first register for 2020-2021.

Note: This represents one, two or three courses

(winter session 2020 = snowstorm for Friday classes).

Adult : 1 lesson is equivalent to $22.50

Young : 1 lesson + the material that equals $21.50

Were you registered for the spring 2020 session 

Was it for 5 lessons or ½ session?

  • If so, and you included a check payment with your entry, that check has not been cashed. You have to redo the payment.
  • If yes and you have attached an internet payment (debit or credit), this payment has been cashed and since no course has been given, you have your five courses in reserve which will be fully applied to your first registration 2020-2021 .

Adulte : this is equivalent to $115.00

Young: this is equivalent to $107.50

For an adult, here is an example :

I would like to register for one course …………………………….….. $225.00

  • Two winter session lessons not used……. less 45.00
  • Spring session paid by internet……………..less 115.00…………$160.00

Therefore, the registration payment for one course
for the fall of 2020 would be…………………………………………………… $65.00

courses will begin on Septembre 28 to December 5

Actions of the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 2nd message

La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud renew its intentions to follow the directives issued by the Quebec Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). After consulting the teachers, the members of the Council Administration, share their decision and agree to the following.




All our courses are suspended until further notice.

Since opinions are unanimous on the

uncertainty period at this time of “confinement and social distancing” and since we are concerned about our community of artists, we postpone all the courses until the fall session.

It is with regret that we must cancel the holding of the 2020 Annual Exhibition (May 7, 8 and 9, 2020).

Obviously, there is always the possibility that it will be necessary to reassess our position. We remain vigilant and will follow the recommendations made by the government.

We invite you to maintain your “caution” and we can resume our activities all in good health.

This time of forced confinement should encourage us to share by taking out our pencils and brushes. Art brings well-being and comfort, let’s be active and creative!

Hope to see you in the fall,


Michel Legault

Actions of the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud follows the guidelines issued by the Quebec Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), especially for the next two weeks.


  • All of our classes are suspended until March 29, 2020.

  • All our courses are postponed (not canceled) at the end of these next two weeks – from March 15 to March 29, 2020.


We believe that our current temporary space (2035-D, ave. Victoria in Saint-Lambert) will allow us to resume safely after this interruption to terminate the winter session and continue with the spring session.

Obviously, it is possible that it will be necessary to reassess our position, we will follow the recommendations made by the Government of Quebec. If applicable, the information will be sent to you and will be available on our website.

The president

Michel Legault

An Open House on Saturday March 14th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at our new premisses located at 2035D Victoria Ave., St-Lambert, close to the Metro Supermarket will allow you to register and visit our temporary location.

Be ready for your Annual Exibition 2020

From Thursday may the 7 to Saturday may the 9.



The Jardins Intérieurs are undergoing major renovations and our current local is being taken over by the Jardins Intérieurs.  We have to temporary move to another building the 2035D Victoria, St-Lambert.


Thanks everyone
the new prof. is Mr. Hicham Absa



at the Bibliothèque commémorative de Saint-Lambert

Community, collaboration and beautification :

Celebrating 125 years of the Saint Lambert Horticultural Society

From Monday October 21 st until Saturday November 9 th, 2019, the Anglophone

Research Committee of the Mouillepied Historical Society, in close collaboration with

the Saint Lambert Horticultural Society invites you to visit their exhibition, in the

patrimonial space on the second floor of the Saint Lambert Memorial Library

(490 Mercille Avenue).

Accompanying the exhibition are twelve works of art created by students of painting

classes offered by the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud and the Saint Lambert Council for

Seniors. The paintings represent the Lambert-Closse rose and the Lambert-Closse

African violet, both hybrids especially developed to celebrate the Centenary of the

horticultural society in 1994.

On Sunday October 27 th , between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., the members of the two

societies will be present to welcome you and answer your questions. You are also

invited to view the Oscar-winning film of Frédéric Back, “The Man who planted

trees”, which will be presented in English in the salle Zia at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

(30 min.).


Visit the workshop of Diane Cardill our professor of Sculpture and Linocut
For more details visit the Saint-Lambert Culture Days website
(click on the picture)

Here is a picture’s summary of the 2019 Annual Exhibition
of Students and Teachers from
Maison des Arts Rive-Sud

Visit also our Facebook site for other unpublished photos.

ANNUAL EXHIBITION of Maison des Arts Rive-Sud

We are pleased to announce that we welcome 4 new professors and 2 new courses.

  • Diane Eggleton – AAF 101 Ikebana
  • Jung Won Lim – A108 Ink and Watercolor
  • Pascale Fontaine – A122 Photography
  • Pierre Brault – A106 Portrait



On Sunday, June 2, the Scapbooking Workshop was held by Jeanette Thériault and Rachel Thériault. The participants left with a beautiful notebook.

The night of art painting

There are still some places left for the last workshop of the season, the night of painting 2019, Pot-Luck event, the day is coming …

let us discover your culinary skills, or run to the convenience store, grocery store, and the SAQ I forgot, or bring only your favorite food and drink.

We meet at the workshop at 18:00 for the set-up and the cocktail party from 18:30 to 19:30,

Don’t miss the model workshop thereafter.

Book your place.

At the pleasure of seeing you there …

Two professors from “LA M.A.R.S.” Anne Van Mierlo and Lucie Michel
Exhibit at “la Galerie Espace”
4844 St-Laurent, Montreal
May 16 to 21
Opening: Friday, May 17 from 17h-21h and Saturday, May 18th 12h-21h

La M.A.R.S. is pleased to highlight the exhibition of one of his students
Louise Hunt
at the Cedars Library
from May 1st to August 31st 2019
141 rue Valade, Les Cedres, Qc J7T 1S9
Business hours:
Monday 10h to 16h, Tuesday 10h to 20h, Wednesday 16h to 20h, Thursday 10h to 20h, Friday 10h to 16h, Saturday 9h to 12h

We would like to warmly congratulate Diane Cardill, who teaches sculpture at the M.A.R.S. She received an honorable mention from the Art Sutton 2019 competition. The exhibition is open until May 26th. and this includes 93 works including painting, sculpture, drawings and photography.

Another successful workshop. Congratulations to Lucie Michel for her workshop “Landscape in Abstraction” of Sunday, April 28, 2019 and thank you to the organizers.

There are things for which you would never want to do anything; we learned of the death of Gérard Galliano, our friend, our colleague on the board of directors for several years. An overwhelming cancer won, while this artist, this manager still had good years before him to spread his enthusiasm, his skills, his taste for life in one word.  

La Maison des Arts sadly acknowledges this unexpected death, and offers its deepest condolences to all his family, especially his wife, Charlotte, so involved with us at La Maison.  

Here is the link to join Gérard for the last time:  


Bernard Côté

The Workshop is Full

Workshop with Lucie Michel

April 28, 2019, 

Abstract Landscape – T135

for more information Andrée Parent 450-677-8237

[email protected]

On line registration starting March 11, 2019

Corrid’Art 2019

New blood for the teachers ‘ team
and the addition of a new course


We are pleased to welcome a new teacher, Ms. Diane Cardill, and the addition of a new Sculpture course for all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

We welcome Diane Cardill who will give the course 105 – Sculpture (initiation and exploration)


A professor and a student of the Maison des Arts Rive-Sud have both been honoured recently by winning first prizes at La Prairie’s 26th Art
Exhibition Contest in the following categories: 
Professor Diane Forest won first prize overall,  for her painting, ”Petite Nyctale aux aguets”. 
Student, France Boisclair won first prize for her painting, ‘Te souviens-tu”, in the category, ”Artist from La Prairie”.