Gérard Galliano 1939 – 2019

Life at times can be so cruel: La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud just learned that our good friend and longtime member of the Board of Directors, Gérard Gulliano, has passed away.  An agressive cancer took him at a time when he – great  artist and manager – still had so many years ahead of him to share his enthusiasm, knowledge, and love for life.
La Maison is sad to learn about Gérard Gulliano’s unexpected passing, and offers its sincere  condoleances to his family, particularly to his wife Charlotte who has been so implicated in the organization of La Maison. We will dearly miss him.
Bernard Côté
La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud

Gérard Watercolor painting

Mrs Claire Vaillancourt 1928 – 2018

We are very sad to learn of Madame Claire Vaillancourt’s death in December 2018 (born Fournier, July 17th 1928 – December 16th 2018).
Madame Vaillancourt,  wife of the late Raymond Vaillancourt, died after a long illness.  She was the founder of Life Model workshops at MARS and creator of the yearly Nuit de la peinture event for more than 15 years. Our prayers are with her and her family.

Louise D’Aoust  1943 – 2013 


Artist and Founding Director of La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud (1997). She was voted Volunteer of the Year by the City of Saint-Lambert for her great contribution to the cultural development of this city (2013).
Bibliography: Guide de Roussan 1998 to 2013, Guide Vallée 1989 and 1993; Bruens 1988 and 1990. 
Please check out the beautiful video by Marcel Gagnon who pays tribune to Louise D’Aoust, painter (1943-2013)


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