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Summer session 2019 :
June 17, July 8, July 15,  August 5, August 19.
(5 courses)

Watecolor Workshop: E104A, E104B

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FUTURE Sessions

Summer session: from June to August 2019.

Autumn session: from September to November 2019 (10 weeks).

Winter session: from January to March 2020 (10 weeks).

Please note that the course schedule for the 2019 Fall Session will be available from August 5, 2019

Courses Schedule

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Note: The S before the course number represents the current session (ex., S for spring).

S 100 – Watercolour (initiation)

Teacher: Diane Forest

For beginners. Watercolour is a medium that offers a great deal of possibilities. The purpose of this course is to help the student discover the techniques and tools to master colour, the basis for watercolour. Simple exercises, theories and practice with exploring, experimenting and working in a spontaneous way will help the artist extend his creativity.

Prerequisite: 107 or 117 or equivalent

S 101 – Watercolour intermediate and advanced

Teacher: Diane Forest, sca

For intermediate and advanced students. From initiation to basic watercolour techniques as well as general painting principles such as composition, colour, contrasts, etc. to the exploration of various advanced techniques. Also coaching of personal projects.

Prerequisite: 100

S 102 – Water-soluble oil

Teacher: Diane Forest, sca

Painting  with Water- soluble Oil Paint

This workshop is designed for students who have tried different mediums in the past and  who would like to learn more about a new medium and new techniques, as well as for those people who might have a sensory irritation to regular oil paint.

In this class, students will explore the different techniques associated with this medium, by experimenting with the material through various processes and personal projects.

Water-soluble oils first made their appearance in 1998 with Winsor & Newton’s Artisan line and in 1999 with Holbein’s Duo.  Therefore,  water-soluble oil paint is a medium that is still in its development stage.  Everything has not yet been discovered about this medium. Let’s discover together all the facets of this beautiful product.  Then, you too will master this medium and continue to make it evolve in your own particular way.

Each of the 10 courses will be divided into two parts.
1- Technical part  2- Experimentation under supervision.

S 103 – Exploring the Monotype and Mixed Media Techniques

Teacher : Ian Le Gwen

This printing workshop without a press, will encourage students to create unique prints with the use of a plexiglass and the “Gelli” plate. Afterwards, the prints will be retouched with paint, collages and drawings. Many prints will be produced during each class.

S 105 – Sculpture (Initiation and Exploration)

Teacher : Diane Cardill

In this class which is for students of all levels, you will develop an understanding and appreciation for the art of sculpture.  Elements of sculpture like mass, balance texture and mouvement will be explored through hands-on activities with different materials and techniques each week.  A great opportunity to try something different and develop that sculptural side of your creativity.

S 106 – Portrait

Teacher: Réal Campeau

This is a structured class in which students will be learning specific portrait techniques as well as revisiting basic theories in drawing, composition, and value. Observation drawing will be prioritized in order to understand the effects of light and shadows. Students are guided according to their own level toward exercises which apply these notions and personal interpretation and style is encouraged.

S 107 – Basic Drawing (over 14 years)

Teacher: Ian Le Gwen

Discover your full drawing potential. Develop your own style (realist or not), better drawing skills and more confidence in your aptitudes. The study of movement, life model, shape and perspective.

S 108 – Ink and watercolour

Teacher: Reina Wang

Oriental approach to drawing and use of space. Work with Chinese ink (black and colour) on oriental paper. Learn to handle the brush in the manner of the oriental masters.

S 113 – Figure Drawing (18 years old and over)

Teacher: Réal Campeau

Free or directed drawing of life model. Draw or paint with medium of your choice. Short and long poses.

S 114 – Classical Painting 

Teacher: Ian Le Gwen

Classical method. Introduction to oil and acrylic according to the classical method of the Old Masters. This approach will give a better understanding of composition and colour, and will help master your art.

Prerequisite: BA 107 or BA 117 or equivalent

S 115 – Experimental Painting

Teacher: Anne Van Mierlo

Research and Experimentation

Exploring new ways with acrylic or mixed media in a semi-autonomous
atmosphere. Special projects, life model, group critique and having fun while expanding your horizons.

Prerequisite: BA 107, BA 117, BA 114, BA 103, BA 124 or equivalent.

S 118 – Painting II
On the path to abstraction

Teacher: Ian Le Gwen

1st part: Using gestural brushstroke and collage, you will paint flowers, trees and leaves inspired by The Great Masters, etc.

2nd part: Explore both gestural abstraction and realistic approach and learn to take advantage of happy accidents that occur when working in a spontaneous and energetic fashion.

S 121 – Dry Pastel

Teacher : Suzanne Godbout

This is a structured class in which students will be learning specific pastel techniques as well as revisiting basic theories in drawing, composition, value and colour. We will be doing work based on observation in order to understand the effects of light on colour. Students are guided according to their own level toward exercises which apply these notions and personal interpretation is encouraged.

SJ 101 – Studio arts for children (6 to 12)

Teacher: Ian Le Gwen

Introduction to different techniques such as sculpture, painting, papier-mâché and etching. Work on short-term and long-term projects to develop his/her sense of aesthetics.

SJ 102 – Comic strips

Teacher: Ian Le Gwen

Explore the various aspects of the comic strip. Create a story with the help of “tricks of the trade” shortcuts, trickery, etc.

“Our open house takes place Saturday March 30, 2019. On-place registration will be from 10am to 4pm.”