Maison des arts Rive-sud


La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud came into being in 1997, when Louise D’Aoust contacted about 30 artists of the region to discuss the possibility of creating a multi-disciplinary art school. Several artists were interested in the project, and “Art en Liberté workshops” was born.

The school was so successful that larger premises were soon required. An agreement was made with the City of St-Lambert, and courses are given at the Seaway Pavilion (430 Riverside) and the Community Center (31 Lorne).

And the projects are continuing ...

The Board of Directors of La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud consists of well-known people from the art and business sectors. The school is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees as well as a Management Committee consisting of the school’s teachers.

Some important dates :

  • September 1997: Beginning of the school
  • December 1997: La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud is officially recognized as a non-profit organisation.
  • January 1998: Association with Bishop’s University, which offers a program leading to a Certificate in Studio Art.
  • March 1998: Creation of a yearly event : “Nuit de la peinture”, by Claire Vaillancourt.
  • September 97 to present: From a group of 20 students at the beginning, the school has grown to about 100 students per session today.