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BA 102 - Water-soluble oil (New)

Painting  with Water- soluble Oil Paint

This workshop is designed for students who have tried different mediums in the past and  who would like to learn more about a new medium and new techniques, as well as for those people who might have a sensory irritation to regular oil paint.

In this class, students will explore the different techniques associated with this medium, by experimenting with the material through various processes and personal projects.

Water-soluble oils first made their appearance in 1998 with Winsor & Newton's Artisan line and in 1999 with Holbein's Duo.  Therefore,  water-soluble oil paint is a medium that is still in its development stage.  Everything has not yet been discovered about this medium. Let's discover together all the facets of this beautiful product.  Then, you too will master this medium and continue to make it evolve in your own particular way.

Each of the 10 courses will be divided into two parts.
1- Technical part  2- Experimentation under supervision.

I hope to meet you soon.


Tuition fees for fall session: $220

Tuition fees for winter session: $220

Tuition fees for spring session: $110